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  1. Temps do almost every important job in NPR’s newsroom. Sadly, this is the case in most big businesses too, but I'm shocked to see that's the case at prominent nonprofits. 😫

  2. Learn how to turn off location data and why you should! I only give that data to map apps and ONLY while in use.

  3. Hey, PR peeps! Will you take this survey and share with others?

  4. Baby Boomers control 70% of disposable income in the US, but only 5% of ad dollars are directed at them (h/t ). What is wrong with this picture? 🙄

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    Dec 7
  6. Dec 5

    This is always a tough one, but necessary.

  7. Dec 4

    I'm happy to see a small news outlet take off and thrive! The loss of local newspapers is bad for all of us.

  8. Dec 4

    Marketers are allocating slightly less budget to staffing and much more for tools—up 16% from last year!

  9. Dec 4

    Yes, print ads are still a thing! And they work (given the right media vehicle and targeting).

  10. Dec 4

    By adopting newsroom practices you can create timely responses to developing events that can impact your brand, customers, employees, and investors.

  11. Dec 3
  12. Nov 30

    Of course, if he DID have a financial relationship with Russian , that would be "cool." I need a bingo card of non-apology excuses from .

  13. Nov 30

    Have you ever checked your medical records for errors? I haven't, though I *think* I can access them online now. Something to look into!

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    Remember when Portland Diamond Project said its stadium plan would include 8,000 units of housing? Today, crickets. Let's see the plans, guys.

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    Nov 27

    Mobile shopping garnered more than half of retail traffic on Thanksgiving & Black Friday. Winners: toy sales at & . Losers: retailer websites that couldn't handle the traffic.

  16. Nov 27

    Ad buyers complained that Facebook doesn’t seem to care about the problems & other major digital ad platforms — Google, Amazon, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Reddit — are more reliable.

  17. Nov 26

    At least Prodigy had . Alas, does not, and that includes a lack of support for most advertisers. 🙄

  18. Nov 26

    Everyone old enough to remember AOL, Yahoo & Myspace should know that no company stays on top forever. is HUGE but other options will come along and succeed.

  19. Nov 26

    Attn: PR & Marketing pros! You can get some terrific deals on apps & services, even training/certification on ! See the list created by for .

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    Nov 25

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