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    Dec 4

    12 Expert Tips to Bring Traffic to Your Website via including my contrarian thought that the secret sauce for influencers may be to keep content where the fans are by using IG for & , rather than sales.

  2. 32 minutes ago

    Reviewing the top communications stories of year and I’m not finding anything really insightful except that I think when we look back on 2018 in terms of social media and public relations it will be dubbed The Year of Apologies.

  3. 39 minutes ago

    Again I plead with the universe to stop relying on mail merge. The 2 seconds you thought you were saving could not be worth this

  4. 43 minutes ago

    I love this resource but I wouldn’t bill it as “free“… good PR takes time and time is money. Very few people have or will take the time for a daily pitching practice.

  5. 48 minutes ago

    I have worked for eccentric CEOs and interesting off-beat leaders and I think the world that were in now is a place where you can’t force your personal ideas and ideals on others and call it “culture”.

  6. 55 minutes ago

    Ha. When the graphic designer is in charge of headlines 😂

  7. 2 hours ago

    As much as I love to laugh at loud at bad PR, I would much rather live in a world with perfect pitches. Tips for Better Pitching by Brenda Siler of

  8. 3 hours ago

    Specific to political media outrach, but good notes for all people: Pitching Tips from D.C.’s Top Journalists: Emphasize People Not Policies

  9. 4 hours ago

    Everyone gets a view at Western Union’s new digital-focused Denver HQ (Photos) Global money transmitter Western Union has completed moving its headquarters from Englewood to the Denver Tech Center.

  10. 12 hours ago

    Jobs requiring high levels of social interaction grew by nearly 12 percentage points as a share of the U.S. labor force between 1980 and 2012, according to a study published last year by David Deming, professor at the Harvard Kennedy School.

  11. Dec 9

    Ha. Publicist or social media lady. I resemble that remark. But it’s so clearly measurable and strategically vital.

  12. Dec 9

    But wait there’s more: Is it a bad sign that they are relegated to fundraising & communications” which are not seen as strategic aspects of a campaign. Is the role not strategicically important or is it not important because it’s often lead by a female?

  13. Dec 9

    “...Women in politics, even in 2018... rarely get to run campaigns, or fill top roles in campaigns. And the women who do work in politics often feel belittled and cut out of the major strategic roles and decisions—even in this, the “Year of the Woman”

  14. Dec 7

    Great idea! This Denver Startup Developed an App to Help Kids Get Outside h(ttps://www.americaninno.com/colorado/this-denver-startup-developed-an-app-to-help-kids-get-outside/ via ) helps kids have fun and succeed in sports & being active.

  15. Dec 7

    Denver residents will now have access to another car-sharing platform, an app that allows users to instantly rent and drive cars owned by people in their neighborhood. Learn more at

  16. Dec 7

    This is depressing. However, I agree wholeheartedly with the last piece of advice for young professional women (and recognize that I carry some bittersweet remorse and responsibility about some of the career choices I have made): Given the important role…

  17. Dec 7

    One of my favorite things about being part of the team is working with international clients. Our VP recently shared this helpful guide for tech companies on how not to get lost in translation when venturing across the pond.

  18. Dec 7

    Hi I’m glad you’re here. I like what you said about mid-market companies needing to stop selling and pushing their products and instead should concentrate on creating actual content to survive (I might say thrive) in the ever-evolving social community.

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    Dec 6

    ., this is some great insight. Working in the tech industry for , I see this evolution daily and we always want to know what will happen next for us. 👏👏👏 - " in PR: Where We Are and Where We’re Headed"

  20. Dec 5

    An idea so that you don’t have to photoshop images after the fact: schedule 10 min. at your event for a professional photo, then gather those in the spotlight at the arranged time, sans booze, and take several professional pics. If you’re going use then plan for it!

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    Dec 5

    25 awesome tips to help build your reputation


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