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Founder of Canfield McNish Consulting & . Formerly PR Corp Comms . Passionate traveler. Love shoes & saying cool beans. fan.

San Francisco (or in a plane)
Joined July 2008


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  1. Nov 16

    “There are times when the best thing you can do for the company is to stop rowing, and just keep the boat steady.” - , CEO of Skillshare

  2. Nov 16

    Storytelling is important, especially for who are recruiting for top talent. “You’ve got to sell your vision,” says during a chat with

  3. Nov 16

    “The best are hell bent on self improvement” during today’s fireside chat with

  4. Nov 16

    “There is no founder prototype” during today’s fireside chat with

  5. Nov 16

    “Do good” Advice to startups from during today’s fireside chat with

  6. Nov 16

    “It has been an amazing ride” on his experiences during

  7. Nov 15

    I don’t know any company that has this in their HR guidelines, but they all probably should... referencing the during his talk Summit

  8. Nov 15

    “It’s not about hiring rockstars, it’s about hiring competence.” during Summit

  9. Nov 15

    Thanks to for sharing your top 10 favorite books on company culture.

  10. Nov 15

    Shout out to the “Coach of Silicon Valley” - Bill Campbell at the Product Leader Summit!

  11. Nov 15

    “Vision is a leap of faith” during Summit

  12. Nov 15

    “In strong product organizations, teams are empowered to serve the customers, in ways that meet the needs of the business” during Summit

  13. Nov 15

    Looking forward to kicking off Summit

  14. Nov 4
  15. Oct 16
  16. Oct 16

    "In the industry, we care about people. We see tech as a tool, so my company for example teaches millions of people around the world." chats with ' about

  17. Oct 5

    "...she’s also learned how to through , which she envisions will allow her to do work even after she and her husband “” eventually." on

  18. Oct 1

    "People are readily identified as being left-brained or right-brained, but I want to be identified as using my entire brain" as told to 's

  19. Sep 24

    "Our culture suggests that all the comes from young people, but really, more start-ups are begun by people over 55" in the September issue of

  20. Sep 19

    “Authenticity is a myth. Editing is everything.” of a16z Podcast


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