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CEO Boot Camp Digital: Social Media Training. Marketing pro. Bestselling Author. Entrepreneur. International Speaker. Friend. Canadian. Coffee & Wine Addict.

Joined July 2007


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  1. 8 hours ago

    Brands Beware: An influencer’s huge reach doesn’t automatically qualify them to represent you.

  2. 16 hours ago

    Hey LinkedIn - You Have a SPAM Problem - Krista Neher

  3. Dec 9

    17 Tips to Travel Like a Pro

  4. Dec 9

    Online Training + Human Interaction = The best of both worlds! Weekly 1:1 Office Hours with Boot Camp Digital experts elevate our Online Social Media Certification from learning to game-changer.

  5. Dec 8

    Email is still one of the most effective marketing tools - IF you do it well. Learn solid fundamentals, best practices, and tactics for reaching your list in a meaningful way and converting them.

  6. Dec 8

    True story, haters gonna hate. 🤷‍♀️ It’s what you do with that 1-⭐️ review that saves the day! 🥇

  7. Dec 7

    It depends. Here’s a good starting point in deciding.

  8. Dec 7

    Are you getting the biggest return on investment for your social media efforts possible? I'll share tactics, and tip for maximizing your impact! Join me for a FREE Verizon webinar on Wed, Dec 12th at 2:00 PM ET! Register below!

  9. Dec 7

    Think mobile marketing isn't worthy of its own strategy? Think again...

  10. Dec 6

    How to create titles for your that are highly clickable!

  11. Dec 6

    New on the Blog: December 2018 Digital Marketing News Updates

  12. Dec 6

    New Post: December 2018 Digital Marketing News Updates

  13. Dec 6

    “If you post it, Instagram engagement won’t immediately come. It’s a tough lesson, but let me help you learn it quickly.”

  14. Dec 5

    [VIDEO] Is Instagram right for your business?

  15. Dec 5

    Where's the sweet spot between not enough and too much?

  16. Dec 4

    The kids sure do seem to love you, SnapChat, but are they who I should be trying to reach?

  17. Dec 4

    It's conference planning season and the calls are rolling in. If your attendees need an energetic digital marketing expert to excite and engage them about growing their business, brand, or presence online, we've got you covered. Contact us for a proposal!

  18. Dec 3

    Digital Transformation Training Program: Think Results, Not Skills

  19. Dec 3

    New Post: 3 Reasons Chatbot Marketing Will Change How You Interact With and Grow Your Audience

  20. Dec 3

    New on the Blog: 3 Reasons Chatbot Marketing Will Change How You Interact With and Grow Your Audience


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