Scott Kaminski


MarComm & PR for and Guest Post editor for Waxing UnLyrical by Former U.S. Navy Journalist & Broadcaster. Opinions are my own.

Near Greensboro, NC
Joined February 2012


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    Sep 14

    Humbled and honored to be included on such an amazing list. Especially considering I'm typically not invited back to many places I frequent.

  2. 4 hours ago

    Is this another euphemism I don’t understand?

  3. 6 hours ago

    12” of snow on the ground. 24” of snowman. Bunches of fake Jack smiles.

  4. Dec 9

    Editor! Editor! Is there an editor in the house?!?! Please help!

  5. Dec 7
  6. Retweeted
    Dec 3

    Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is fast approaching. Take a look at our infographic to learn about the impact of the Dec. 7, 1941 attack, and learn how it inspired and motivated the American people to wholeheartedly commit to victory in .

  7. Dec 7

    Someone out there really, really likes me. (And it's not the sender of this email.)

  8. Dec 6

    I'm admittedly biased toward 's Waxing Unlyrical blog, but these are all pretty stellar.

  9. Dec 6

    Great information for everyone to remember.

  10. Dec 6
  11. Dec 5

    Welcome to our club, newbie. The good news is we have a secret handshake. The bad news is ...

  12. Dec 5

    Skeptical me says, "You know what? That just might be crazy enough to work."

  13. Dec 5
    This Tweet is unavailable.
  14. Dec 4

    So nice to see on this list. She's even cooler to know in real life.

  15. Dec 4

    So I switched my company over to from a **cough** other social media platform tool. It's been really good so far. Great, intuitive layout and functions with really simple reporting is nice. It's not as inexpensive, but definitely shows value for the price.

  16. Dec 4
  17. Dec 4

    Which day was it again where I was tasked with putting together a fully-immersive presentation deck for my company's worldwide shareholders due in three days? Oh yeah, that was today.

  18. Dec 3
  19. Dec 3

    I'm right here. I can read what you say here. (Seriously, though: This is useful information to consider for all the public speakers you know ... in any field or occupation.)

  20. Dec 3

    Some amazing art can be found in nature. Very cool.

  21. Dec 1

    We really have enough problems at the moment. Take a number and we’ll be with you soon.


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