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Idealist & Superdad of 4. Creator of HunterComm. Accredited PR pro. Past pres of . Highland Bagpiper. Virginia boy living as a Cleveland man.

Cleveland, OH
Joined November 2008


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  1. Oct 12

    Having a Growth Mindset - study suggests meaningful work can be something you grow into, not something you discover via

  2. Sep 14

    Sweet! I made the list too! 48 PR Pros You Should Follow On Twitter That Aren’t Internet Famous by via Congrats to Please Retweet and have a great day!

  3. Sep 14
  4. Retweeted
    Sep 6

    Some inspiration to help you get through those last few tasks before the weekend.

  5. Aug 2
  6. Jul 5

    7 Career Conversations Good Bosses Have With Their Employees on a Regular Basis via

  7. Apr 18

    "It’s not about who you know or what you know, it’s about the attitude you project. Being positive will act like a magnet & attract followers. Staying positive is no easy feat. If you can do that, you will rise to the highest levels" -Tim McDonough

  8. Mar 22

    Are you a or pro looking for a new career? Be sure to signup for HunterComm's monthly job newsletter!

  9. Mar 21

    What Hiring Managers Want to Hear from Candidates in a Phone Interview

  10. Feb 15
  11. Jan 4
  12. 21 Dec 2017

    How consumers' obsession with snacking is reshaping the food industry - via

  13. 26 Oct 2017

    Had a great lunch catching up with today.

  14. 14 Sep 2017

    The stores of the future will be full of wine, yoga, and not much else...

  15. 7 Sep 2017

    Go . Educating Hollywood and on the principles of content marketing @

  16. 7 Sep 2017

    Wondering how many content marketers are going onto to signup as contributors after

  17. 7 Sep 2017

    Yep! Hilarious and true. speaks, but why didn't the crowd get the Metallica reference??

  18. Retweeted
    7 Sep 2017

    Asking "what if?" can be one of the most interesting marketing content.

  19. 6 Sep 2017

    Things that make me go Hmm... can go a year without mentioning Stars Wars?? 🤔

  20. 23 Aug 2017

    5 Ways Words Can Destroy Your Marketing Messages (And How to Fix Them)


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