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Head of Marketing . Married to . Coltrane's mama.

Joined November 2008


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    Dec 1

    Go big or go home and you often end up home. Go small and consistently over time and you often end up with something big. Progression isn't heroic efforts. It's a practice.

  2. Nov 28

    For all the ☁️ people in my life, you can follow the ☁️ market with the Bessemer NASDAQ Cloud Index on Twitter and on your phone ^EMCLOUD (stands for Emerging Cloud).

  3. Nov 18
  4. Nov 9
  5. Nov 2

    If you’re an early stage SaaS company, make sure to apply to the Bessemer ☁️ Pitch Hours!

  6. Nov 1
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    Oct 29
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    Oct 21
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    Oct 25

    Today we announced a new fund, BVP X. We feel extremely fortunate to have partnered with a leading-class of entrepreneurs over the past half-century and are excited to continue with our tenth fund. Thank you to the many who have shared the journey with us!

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    Oct 17

    Fascinating session by my partners and at the E&Y Journey event. How a global VC views Israeli entrepreneurs

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    Oct 8

    Congrats to Glint for joining Linkedin! We thought it'd be fun to share why first invested in Glint 2 years ago by sharing our actual investment memo!

  12. Oct 10

    Wise words from , a leader I had the fortune of working for, and who I respect and admire: "Practice appreciation. Focus on three things that will make your work/life great. Don’t regret not trying."

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    Oct 2

    In 2013 we launched the BVP Cloud Index. Back then it's market cap was under $100Bn, and now it's close to $700Bn! Today I'm excited to unveil the next generation of the cloud index: The BVP Nasdaq Emerging Cloud Index

  14. Sep 12

    The 🔑 to content success! “Successful posts grow through good initial distribution and steady organic growth. Successful blogs grow by layering successful posts on top of each other.” by

  15. Aug 23

    As someone who has gone through the process of buying a home, I'm a huge proponent of companies that focus on delivering a better experience (and lowering costs) for the home buyer.

  16. Aug 8

    I’m constantly impressed by the people I work with at Bessemer. Congrats to on this well-deserved promotion! 👏👏👏

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    Aug 6

    I cried 3 times already this morning. Here’s Beyonce by me for the September 2018 cover of American Vogue.

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    Jul 31

    This afternoon, I realized that I've never documented a guide for writing a Week in Review doc. Use this format to routinely disseminate info, create clarity, address rumors, and more!

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  19. Jul 24
  20. Jul 23

    After reading Shoe Dog, a memoir by Phil Knight, I am completely fascinated by Nike's innovative spirit and commitment to make shoes that help people run faster. reports that this claim is in fact, true.


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