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Delawarean, alumna, PR gal at , aspiring Food Network star

Joined June 2013
Born September 20


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    Dec 7

    The Mandarin Duck for Oscars host

  2. Dec 4

    Hard pass on Bitmoji merch

  3. Dec 3

    Just this weekend I was wishing for a scan & go checkout option while on line at in Penn Station with 2 minutes left to catch my train. is reading my mind as per usual

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    Ariana really had the Legally Blonde UPS guy wear a BDE shirt

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    Nov 29

    Make it super easy to help you. Anyone whose help you actually want has a lot of demands on their time. You are competing with them doing their actual job, spending time with friends and family, opening Instagram, watching Netflix, and many other very compelling opportunities.

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    Nov 30

    When a new supreme rises, the old one retires from competition

  7. Nov 30

    Seems the rumors are trumors

  8. Nov 29

    And now for my daily fit of rage. This is vile. Terrifying.

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    Nov 28
  10. Nov 22

    We named the Thanksgiving turkey Stormy Daniels

  11. Nov 17
  12. Nov 17

    The only thing this turkey/microwave prank proves is that - despite it being a joke- this generation literally has no idea how to cook anything that doesn’t come with directions on the box I’ve somehow turned into someone’s grandma over this but I’m MAKING A POINT

  13. Nov 12

    Walking through Brown University’s campus and I feel like they can smell that I got average SAT scores

  14. Nov 9
  15. Nov 8

    Ok but who’s going to create a 24-hour live stream of the that I can watch whenever I want?? There’s your free PR idea !!

  16. Retweeted
    Nov 2

    A man came up to me & said... “Don’t You Think You’re TOO OLD To Be Running Around The Stage Like That,..Singing Rock n Roll”⁉️ I Said “I Don’t Know,.. Why Don’t you Ask Mick Jagger”

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    Oct 29

    New client alert! helps small businesses across the country navigate financial decisions, and we're thrilled to help them raise brand awareness among entrepreneurs. More about our campaign on the blog today!

  18. Oct 18

    “Expect delays” = expect your express stop from 125th to 59th to take LITERALLY A HALF HOUR 🤯😡

  19. Oct 15

    Diet hack: get a sinus infection so you can’t taste anything anyway!

  20. Oct 11

    Sexy walking through a giant, murky subway puddle after a heavy rain while wearing flip flops


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