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    Feb 14

    Want to hire me to write for you? I specialise in technology, blockchain, the future of work... Things which need explaining. Check out my portfolio here

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  2. 10 hours ago

    Why I believe it would be bad for to “find Satoshi” - let the originator of remain hidden, and the protocol fully decentralised

  3. 11 hours ago

    To Show Frustration, You First Need to Show You Care — and you need to get comfortable with disagreement and conflict, within your . Fix things before they escalate, and separate the problem from the individual

  4. 13 hours ago
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    So - if Labour, as official opposition, lodges motion of no confidence in this incompetent government tomorrow, will support & we can then work together to give people the chance to stop Brexit in another vote. This shambles can’t go on - so how about it?

  6. 15 hours ago

    When Two Partners Have Very Different Feelings About - haha, and I manage a north/south divide and a meat/veg one, but would we survive if we weren't both geeks?

  7. Dec 9

    Don’t Leave Your Honey in the Pot: Protecting Your Assets After Purchase, means never leaving them on the exchange where you bought them

  8. Dec 9

    NHS told to ditch 'absurd' fax machines: jesus, legacy tech... Presumably they fax stuff as a backup for when their XP servers are all paralysed with ransomware? Pity the poor medics on the frontline, with this level of comms at their back

  9. Dec 8
  10. Dec 8

    🇬🇧 UK Funds Facilitator to Roll Out Settlements in 2019 Via: via

  11. Dec 8

    Stealing my children’s future, that is not a win. How are we going to step back from this ledge, WAKE UP and reject every permutation of brexit

  12. Dec 7

    Great news, though I am still not going to try and get my Spanish accountant to deal with anytime soon. It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out, as the “seven” are all so different from each other

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    Dec 7

    Crypto Spotlight!💥We've just listed 's as an official trading pair on our P2P exchange so perfect timing to chat about how can be used in trading. 🙌

  14. Dec 7
  15. Dec 7

    To Show Frustration, You First Need to Show You Care — and you need to get comfortable with disagreement and even conflict, within your , in order to successfully work through your differences and resolve difficulties

  16. Dec 6

    Omniaz to offer and IoT experience for wine consumers - Drinks Insight Network via

  17. Dec 6

    Cracking the code: Public key cryptography. The essentials you need to know to secure your and other assets, and send and receive payments, for 📷 Markus Spiske

  18. Dec 6

    Coinbase integrates – via - this is *massive*, in terms of ease of adoption and a straightforward on-ramp - great news!

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    Dec 4

    Excited to launch , a dynamic investment service designed for long-term appreciation with mitigated risk. Exclusively on the Platform.

  20. Dec 5

    Central Banks around the world function almost identically to venture capitalist liquid hedge funds, except the Central Banks get to play with our tax dollars. . . There is a solution. Put individuals in charge of their own financials. via

  21. Dec 5

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