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President of Fusion PR (), news junkie, music lover, dad.

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  1. 6 hours ago

    It's the end of news as we know it (and Facebook is feeling fine) Incisive piece on by and covers what this means for MoJo and implications and approach of Facebook but worth it

  2. 8 hours ago

    Warren Buffett: The 'one easy way' to increase your worth by 50 percent  "hone your communication skills — both written and verbal" Love it! Nice plug for - OK, and public speaking too. By on

  3. 13 hours ago

    For Amazon, the communications challenge is just beginning Via Was their Bachelor-style city selection a net PR win or loss?

  4. Dec 6

    Tech Has Destroyed Reality Funny if sadly true AI and automation beget artificial stupidity

  5. Dec 6

    How to Save the Web via Tim Berners Lee says governments, business and users need a new contract w Web

  6. Dec 6

    Amazon’s Merciless Assault on Brands – The New New – Medium Nice post Despite noted threats via Brandless and Amazon DTC, aren't brands (and awareness, values and corp. behavior) more important than ever amidst mistrust and market noise?

  7. Dec 6

    Tried to Make My Dog an Instagram Celebrity. I Failed via Maybe Max can be a microinfluencer

  8. Dec 6

    Facebook Emails Show Real Mission: Making Money, Crushing Competition C'mon what most co.s do

  9. Dec 5

    5 reasons CNNs a champ at social distribution (via ) Facts, credibility, plain spoken for starters

  10. Dec 5

    [New post] Does social media marketing need a reboot? chimes in. What do YOU think?

  11. Dec 5

    We're looking for experienced pros; AE and higher NYC and LA offices reply to Especially B2B, writing, top tier media and social media chops desired

  12. Dec 4

    The 100 greatest innovations of 2018 In My choice, fastest electric car, 258 mph Rimac

  13. Dec 4

    Martech is a mainstream marketing profession, latest Gartner data confirms - A little love and respect for Martech, sweet via on

  14. Dec 4

    Payless fools influencers with a fake store on Schadenfreude 2.0 - $500 for $20 shoes anyone?

  15. Dec 4

    [new post] Next Steps in Social Media Marketing Facebook and social media had a tough run this year. What lies ahead? How should strategies evolve? Check out my post and interview series

  16. Dec 3
  17. Nov 29

    Guest Blogger Outreach: Here’s What Not To Do (And Some Tips) via One tip RTFG, with "G" the guidelines

  18. Nov 29

    How Digital Has Transformed the Creative Landscape [Infographic] Interesting, a lot to take in, via Answers: Did digital kill the creative star?

  19. Nov 28

    Tech PR and SMEs: Collaborate or Collide Nice post on but assumes, PR can't be subject matter experts; disagree that the idea is "absurd"; here we hire engineers, techies as well as marketers,

  20. Nov 28

    How to Survive Next Era of Tech (Slow Down, Be Mindful) via great advice via Will miss ur SOA


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