Rafe Gomez


Multimedia sales support & business strategy to boost your marketplace prominence, competitive edge, and profits. Come get some.

New York, NY
Joined November 2012


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  1. Nov 27
  2. Oct 23

    What are the most important skills for to add to their ? I reveal the secret using a strategic sales-driven POV that's irresistible to hiring managers.

  3. Oct 1

    In '08, my company + career were decimated by market disruptions. Here's how I revived & thrived by incorporating a vital strategy tip that ALL entrepreneurs must follow in order to survive revenue fluctuations!

  4. Sep 25

    How does brilliantly use a classic sales strategy to keep his supporters engaged and loyal? Find out in my podcast chat with !

  5. Sep 21

    Big up to for including the bro's input in this week's about paid media. Thx Mike!

  6. Sep 19

    What's the tune that gets yours truly pumped, stoked, and in full crush it mode? Check out #13 on the list, baby bobba!

  7. Sep 11

    "Work smart, deliver fantastic results for your customers & clients, and don't panic if your timeline to success is longer than you initially thought it would be."

  8. Sep 2

    . - Thx so much for including my quotes in your story about innovation in Amex Forum!

  9. Sep 2

    "Whatever you're selling, you need to avoid thinking that you've come up with the ultimate and perfect solution, and that once it hits the marketplace, your work is done."

  10. Aug 31

    Big up to and for including my tip in the XLNT article "How to Write a Press Release (+ 7 Key Tips & Press Release Format Examples)" Thx y'all!

  11. Aug 31

    Want to write a press release that gets the attention of journalists and editors? Be sure to include Rafe's "Three C's" (scroll to tip #6 at bottom).

  12. Aug 24

    . U seem to be a big fan of ed reform, but it will never deliver the promised results as long as its proponents/practitioners keep making these gaffes. Given their arrogance + incompetence, they will continue to fail.

  13. Aug 16

    How can older sales pros get hired? Organize, print, then drop your data in your interview to show how you got the job done. Results rule!

  14. Jul 16

    Can the music of connect with younger listeners? It would a be "Tragedy" if not, but it's 100% achievable! Peruse my non "Jive Talkin'" idea on how it can happen.

  15. Jul 13

    Describing yourself as a disrupting crushmaster, ninja change agent, or some other inane humblebrag descriptive don't just make you look like a choad doofus, it can also squash your chances of getting hired. I explain why.

  16. Jun 5

    Want to know how to quickly + dramatically boost the of your spend? Here's how to do it (scroll down to Rafe Gomez).

  17. May 29
  18. Apr 30

    . Thx so much for sharing the story of my Rockmixx side hustle!

  19. Apr 30

    Here's how I discovered a niche that resulted in the creation of Rockmixx, my show that airs on radio stations around the world.

  20. Mar 23

    Here's fascinating info about the under recognized and under appreciated influence of the awesome .

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